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Iran is One of the Key Players in Global Steel Products` Market

Iran is One of the Key Players in Global Steel Products` Market
Mining News Pro - Commrcial Manager of Chadormalu Company believes that Iran has become a major steel exporter in the last 7 years ago.

According to Mining News Pro - “Iran used to be one of steel importers until 7 years ago, but now Iran has become on of the key players in steel products in global market,” Mohammad Keivan Ara, Commrcial Manager of Chadormalu Company told Mining News Agency in an interview.

Keivan Ara says that most Iranian products are being imported to worldwide destinations. He insisted that after the products teste in the target country, Iranian companies receive many inquiries from different countries on a regular weekly basis.

“We hope that in near future, Iran will become the exporter of special alloy steel, which can be supply to many end-user worldwide and for the high-tech industry. It shows the Iranian capacity in steel industry, highest quality and competitive price,” he said.

“I hereby to invite all businessman and activists in steel market to start a trial business with Iran companies to see the difference in terms of quality, price (comparing to other producers). After a while they will become Iran’s regular customers,” he explained.


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