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Iran Must Concentrate on Steel Exports

Iran Must Concentrate on Steel Exports
Mining News Pro - Chairman of RCG told Mining News Agency in Iranian Steel Market Conference and Expo.

According to Mining News Pro - Joachim Schroeder, Chairman of RCG (Research and Consulting Group), told Mining News Agency during an interview in Iranian Steel Market Conference and Expo that took place in Conference Center in Tehran about the effect of United States sanctions on Iran`s Steel Industry: "I think there are two impacts on this issue. One is the direct trade flows, where especially in the European Union you will face more and more problems to sell your products there, because we have already anti-damping on your products. It is also the same for US."

He added: "But I think, the other problem for the Iranian steel industry is coming from the retreatment of suppliers like “SMS Mining Service” and other companies which are currently refusing to deliver the equipment to increase the production. I think this will delay the steel production and Iran’s plan to reach the production of 50 million tons of steel by 2020."

He said on the other hand: "These are the main problem of Iran. However, Iran can think about options.These days the domestic consumption is not growing or growing very slowly in Iran, so any capacity increase must go into the export. Iran have already a huge growth in exports over the last years, almost doubling, and now the question is to find new markets in south-east Asia and Middle East in order to create new opportunity for your business."

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