A miner died in Chahargonbad copper mine, Iran

Mining News Pro - This morning, one of the miners of the Chahar Gonbad mine (affiliated to the Ncicio) in this city had an accident while working at the mining site and died instantly.

Chadormalu Mining Company is a pioneer of Iran’s national development

Mining News Pro - During the signing of the contract for the construction of the first solar power plant with a capacity of 100 megawatts, Taherzadeh, the CEO of Chadormalu Mining Company said: “Mining and mineral industries have great advantages over petrol due to the presence of various minerals, available energy, efficient manpower and access to open water”.

Hormozgan Steel Company is the leader of "production growth" in Iran’s steel industry

Mining News Pro - Since the beginning of this year, Hormozgan Steel has been the leader of the production growth in the country's steel industry by registering a 7.5% jump in the production of metal and 23% in DRI production.

The 33.2% share of Mobarakeh Steel Group in the 8.8% growth of Iran's steel production

Mining News Pro - The vice president of operation of Mobarakeh Steel said: The report of the World Steel Association in May 2023 indicates that despite the 5.1% decrease in global steel production, the steel production of Iran has experienced an 8.8% growth, and Mobarakeh Steel Group has increased by 33% during this period. It has produced 2% of the country's total steel.

The CEO of KSC: Iran’s steel industry is on the edge

Mining News Pro - Amin Ebrahimi said that the resilience of the country's steel industry has reached an alarming limit following the intensification of challenges such as the shortage and high cost of energy carriers.

Inauguration of four telecommunication projects in Jajarm city and Iran Alumina Company

Mining News Pro - Four telecommunication projects in Jajarm city and Iran Alumina Company were opened and put into operation.

Development of ESCO’s smelting activity in Sangan region, Iran

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of Esfahan Steel Company said that this huge industrial complex is trying to create a hub for its supply of raw materials in Sangan region.

HOSCO can become the best company of steel industry in Iran

Mining News Pro - Business manager of Ministry of Industry, mine and trade says that Hormozgan Steel Company is one of the major steel industry companies and has the potential to become the best.

175 thousand tons of alumina powder was produced in Iran Alumina Company

Mining News Pro - CEO of Iran Alumina Company located in Jajarm city said: 175 thousand tons of alumina powder was produced in this industrial complex in the 9 months of this year, which is equal to the same period last year.

Chadormalu is one of the top energy-saving mining companies in Iran

Mining News Pro - Due to decent responsibility in electricity management, the governor of Yazd province in Iran honored Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company.

Iran Alumina Company exported 7000 tons of alumina powder from North Khorasan

Mining News Pro - The Deputy Minister of Industries and Mines of North Khorasan announced the export of 7 thousand tons of alumina powder from this province to abroad.

Remarkable environmental activities of Iran Alumina Company in Taash Mine

Mining News Pro - CEO of Iran Alumina Company said: Iran Alumina's environmental measures in Tash Mine have been unprecedented.

Iran is the fourth country producing Seal Gas compressors of direct regeneration unit

Mining News Pro - The thinking and strategy of maximum localization of equipment in Mobarakeh Steel Group, every time by building inside one of the sensitive and important equipment of the production lines, are being connected together like strong chain links, promising self-confidence and hope for the steel industry and be the country's economy.

Recording the highest record of exploratory drilling in the history of Iran National Copper Industries Company

Mining News Pro - Shahriar Motevakel announced the record of the highest amount of exploratory drilling in the history of National Iran Copper Industry Company, amounting to more than 112 thousand meters in 8 months of this year (monthly average of more than 14 thousand meters).

Iran ready to cooperate with Venezuela in mining field

Mining News Pro - Iran spearheads mining industries, he said, adding that Venezuela can supply the technologies it needs in this field from Iran.

Iran Alumina Company studies the implementation of red dirt processing

Mining News Pro - The Vice President of Industries and Mines Affairs of North Khorasan Organization announced the study for the implementation of the red mud processing project in Jajarm Alumina Company.

Iran Alumina Company import 200 thousand tons of bauxite from Turkey annually

Mining News Pro - The CEO of Iran Alumina, located in Jajarm, North Khorasan province, said that 200,000 tons of bauxite is imported from Turkey every year as the raw material needed for this complex.

10% increase in hydrate production in Iran Alumina Company in the first quarter

Mining News Pro - 105 thousand tons of hydrate (aluminum hydroxide) were produced in this complex in the first quarter of this year, which increased by 10 compared to the same period last year.

Oxin Steel received an award in Iran’s 12th National Productivity Festival

Mining News Pro - Based on the evaluation of the scientific committee, Oxin Steel Company of Khuzestan won the title of the best steel project in the 12th National Productivity Festival.

Special Oxin Steel products are crucial for Iran’s oil and gas industry

Mining News Pro - Khuzestan Oxin Steel began its operation in 2008 with the aim of meeting the country's need for API and special alloy sheets used in oil and gas industries.

Nicico sends heavy machines to the flooded areas of Rafsanjan, Iran

Mining News Pro - The Planning and Budgeting Department of Rafsanjan Governorate announced the dispatch of 71 heavy and light machines to the flooded areas of Rafsanjan.

Iran’s minister of industry, mine and trade visited Chadormalu Company

Mining News Pro - The minister of industry, mine and trade with IMIDRO’s board of managers paid a visit to Chadormalu Company in Ardakan, Yazd.

Iran Alumina Company has 4 ongoing development projects

Mining News Pro - According to the company, there are 4 ongoing projects with 50 to 80 percent progression.

Iran Alumina plans for a 350 thousand tons of aluminum export

Mining News Pro - The CEO of Iran Alumina Company announced plans to export 350,000 tons of aluminum ingots this year.

Iran Alumina Company is one of major alumina powder suppliers

Mining News Pro - According to the Iran Alumina Co., this company supply the raw material of 7 private companies.

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