Namibia considers taking stakes in mining and petroleum companies

Mining News Pro - Namibia is considering taking minority stakes in mining and petroleum production companies amid increasing concerns over local ownership of valuable resources.

Botswana president insists on bigger share of diamonds from De Beers venture

Mining News Pro - Botswana will not back down on demands for a bigger share of rough diamonds from its joint venture with De Beers, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said on Thursday, upping the stakes as talks for a new sales deal appear to be stalling.

Dubai Diamond Exchange, Sotheby’s unveil world’s largest ruby

Mining News Pro - The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has hosted the unveiling of two remarkable gemstones at its Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE).

G7 to discuss diamond trade with future Russia sanctions in mind

Mining News Pro - Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations will discuss how to trace Russian diamond trade at a summit this week with the aim of imposing restrictions at a later stage, an EU official said on Thursday.

South Africans call for UK to return diamonds set in crown jewels

Mining News Pro - Some South Africans are calling for Britain to return the world’s largest diamond, known as the Star of Africa, which is set in the royal sceptre that King Charles III will hold at his coronation on Saturday.

Argyle’s last Pink Diamond

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto has revealed the latest addition to its collection of Argyle Pink Diamonds jewellery, showcasing one of the last diamonds to be extracted from the now shuttered Argyle mine in WA.

Rare zircon samples give new clues on earth’s ancient dwellers

Mining News Pro - Geoscientists at Heidelberg University have succeeded in tracing very old and rare samples of the mineral zircon that host graphite inclusions in which light carbon is identifiable as a remnant of ancient life.

Botswana mining growth seen flat amid dim diamond outlook

Mining News Pro - Botswana expects output from its mining sector to be flat this year, as the diamond industry loses its sparkle due to a contraction in consumer spending and weaker demand for diamond jewellery, a finance ministry official said on Wednesday.

Rio Tinto to spend $40m on Diavik diamond mine expansion

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto is going ahead with a $40 million expansion of its iconic Diavik diamond mine in the Northwest Territories of Canada, which will extend the operation’s life to at least early 2026.

Superdeep diamond reveals new info on earth’s geological processes

Mining News Pro - A recent paper published in the journal Nature points to a “superdeep” diamond recovered in Kankan, Guinea, as the messenger of new information on plate tectonics, the geological processes that give rise to mountains, oceans and continents.

Alrosa discovers 22 new diamond deposits in Zimbabwe

Mining News Pro - Russian miner Alrosa PSJC has discovered 22 new diamond deposits in Zimbabwe, according to the southern African nation’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Petra Diamonds to pay dividends after three-year turnaround

Mining News Pro - Petra Diamonds said on Tuesday it would resume paying a dividend and launch a $150 million debt-cutting plan after stronger prices fuelled by sanctions on Russia’s Alrosa, the world’s top diamond miner by output, boosted its full-year profit.

Diamond-formation process inside earth’s core unveiled

Mining News Pro - Researchers at Arizona State University conducted a series of experiments where they compressed an iron-carbon alloy and water together to the pressure and temperature expected at the earth’s core-mantle boundary, melting the iron-carbon alloy.

South Africa mine dam wall collapses, killing one and injuring 40

Mining News Pro - Flooding caused by the collapse of a mine dam wall in South Africa’s Free State province swept away houses and cars on Sunday, the provincial government said, killing one person and injuring another 40.

Russian diamonds are quietly flowing again after sanctions chaos

Mining News Pro - The panic that gripped the diamond world this year is starting to unwind as sanctioned Russian mining giant Alrosa PJSC has quietly revived exports to near pre-war levels.

Lucara Diamond starts shaft-sinking at $547m Karowe mine expansion

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Lucara Diamond is moving towards the main shaft sinking phase at the underground expansion project of its Karowe mine in Botswana, which will extend the operation’s life until 2040.

The Australian diamonds that no one can see

Mining News Pro - Researchers working at the Clarke River Fault, west of Paluma in north Queensland, found the first metamorphic diamonds in rocks in Australia.

Botswana president sees progress on diamond pact with De Beers

Mining News Pro - Botswana and De Beers Plc are working out the “finer” details of a new diamond-sales pact and the southern African nation’s government is confident a deal will be struck, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said.

Botswana president sees progress on diamond pact with De Beers

Mining News Pro - Botswana and De Beers Plc are working out the “finer” details of a new diamond-sales pact and the southern African nation’s government is confident a deal will be struck, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said.

Pangolin Diamonds to buy Amulet’s assets in Botswana

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Pangolin Diamonds (TSX-V: PAN) has unveiled an agreement with Amulet Diamond Corp to buy all issued and outstanding shares of the company’s subsidiary in Botswana for a nominal figure.

Fifty-thousand-year-old diamonds may be used to design ultra-hard yet malleable electronics

Mining News Pro - An international team of scientists discovered that diamonds formed during a high-energy shock wave from an asteroid collision around 50,000 years ago have unique and exceptional properties, caused by short-term high temperatures and extreme pressure.

Hundreds of hectares of pristine rainforest destroyed by illegal mining in Venezuela

Mining News Pro - Over 1,200 hectares of pristine rainforest in Venezuela’s southern Bolívar state have been destroyed by unregulated mining operations and other illegal activities taking place within the so-called Orinoco Mining Arc.

China backs Russia in opposing bid to redefine conflict diamonds

Mining News Pro - China has joined Russia in opposing an effort to redefine conflict diamonds to include those sold by individual nations, as a rift between Western and pro-Russia nations jeopardizes the process for certifying rough diamonds as conflict-free.

Russia eyes new rules on state’s gold, gem sales amid war

Mining News Pro - Russia’s government and parliament are seeking to change rules on the sales and management of the state’s precious metal and gem stockpiles amid the war with Ukraine.

Alrosa nixes dividend as economic sanctions bite

Mining News Pro - The board of Russian diamond major Alrosa (MCX: ALRS) has suggested shareholders vote to receive no dividend for 2021 during the upcoming general meeting.

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