Mining industry sees a way to navigate narco crisis in Ecuador

Ecuador’s budding mining industry sees a way through the violent mayhem sweeping the country, with operating mines and development projects expected to carry on as planned after stepping up security measures.

Investors with $11 trillion back plan to reform mining industry

Mining News Pro - Some of the world’s biggest investors are throwing their weight behind a plan to reform the mining industry so it can safely meet the growing demand for minerals and metals needed for the green transition.

Mining industry associations respond to Federal Budget

Mining News Pro - The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) and the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) have responded to the recently released Federal Government Budget, which saw critical minerals receive a boost.

World Gold Council Report

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Strategies for the Gold Mining Industry

Mining News Pro -The World Gold Council’s ‘Gold and climate change: Adaptation and resilience’ report identifies the key physical climate-related vulnerabilities of the gold mining industry and outlines a range of adaptation strategies to support the industry in managing the associated risks

Mining News Falling head grades put pressure on gold mining industry

Mining News Pro - The consultancy explained that typically, low-grade materials require a greater amount of rock to be extracted and processed, longer processing times and higher reagents usage, which translates to higher costs per unit of gold produced.

The mining industry can’t ignore a startup’s solution

Mining News Pro - The warnings keep getting louder: the world is hurtling toward a desperate shortage of copper. Humans are more dependent than ever on a metal we’ve used for 10,000 years; new deposits are drying up, and the type of breakthrough technologies that transformed other commodities have failed to materialize for copper.

Top five most searched jobs in the mining industry

Here are five of the most searched jobs in the mining industry. We will explore what these roles consist of, what qualifications and skills you need, and what potential career paths are available.

Reimagining the mining industry with Industrial Internet

How the Huawei Cloud Stack is helping Hongliulin embrace intelligent digital transformation

Bolivian activists push back against mining industry

Indigenous communities in several national parks say their way of life is threatened by the encroachment of gold mining.

Oil Giant Shell Makes Move Into Bitcoin Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, was quoted as saying that an energy giant like Shell entering the mining space is “a big win for Bitcoin.”

How sustainable is the mining industry?

Mining News Pro - There are efforts by top companies towards their ESG agenda, but more on pollution ad deforestation should be done to advance their plans.

Mining industry on track to meet decarbonization targets, say analysts

Mining News Pro - The availability of risk capital for miners is biased towards those with concrete plans for achieving net-zero emissions targets by 2030, says Keith Russell, global director for energy transition, purpose and performance with Partners in Performance.

Top IoT Companies in the Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - Internet of Things (IoT) describes the use of connected sensors and actuators to control and monitor the environment, the things that move within it, and the people that act within it.

What is the Legal Landscape of the Mining Industry in 2022?

Mining News Pro - Trends influencing business sectors across the world – such as ESG, anti-corruption and transparency – are reflected in the mining industry.

Rules of women in the mining industry should be more

Mining News Pro - The number of women working in Chile’s mining sector grew by 40% in the past 12 months, according to a new report by the National Mining Society (Sonami).

Musk’s tweets fuel mining industry’s hopes of a buyout by Tesla

Mining News Pro - Elon Musk’s recent musings that high lithium prices may force Tesla to make its own supply of the electric vehicle battery metal have fueled hopes by some that the billionaire entrepreneur will instead opt for a buyout of an established mining company.

Mining industry joins opposition to Brazil indigenous land bill

Mining News Pro - There is a notable opponent to the Brazilian government’s plans to allow mining on indigenous lands — the mining industry itself.

Why the mining industry’s boardrooms need to believe in ESG

Mining News Pro - The concept of environmental and social governance (ESG) has evolved from an acronym which caught on as a dialect of ‘sustainability’, to actions that are critical to the sustainable success of a mining company.

Top Trends and Opportunities for the Mining Industry in 2022

Mining News Pro - We look at 5 trends and opportunities for 2022 mining

Omicron Wave Hits the Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - It has been nearly 2 years since the coronavirus hit the global and put different impacts on the industries and especially mining. Mining has faced with different types of this virus and now the new type which is called omicron has come off. The new type which is killing people around the world is now a new concern for the mining industry however in the past week some got damages from it.

Newmont raises $1bn through mining industry’s first sustainability linked bond

Mining News Pro - Newmont has closed the mining industry’s first sustainability-linked bond, raising net proceeds of $992 million in a registered $1 billion public offering of senior notes issued at 2.6%.

Job listings lengthen for embattled mining industry

Mining News Pro - Mining job listings online have risen in contrast to the rest of Australia’s decline, as several states continue to battle a skills shortage.

Mining industry riding out labour force issues

Mining News Pro - The mining industry saw a drop in employed people from May to August 2021, as more staff worked zero hours, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

New bill a boon for NT mining industry

Mining News Pro - New reforms introduced by the Australian Government are paving the way for the Northern Territory’s mining industry to grow and expand.

How native Australian plants could be a boon for mining industry

Mining News Pro - Native Australian plants could be used to extract rare earth minerals with less environmental impact than mining practices, according to a study by the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute.

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