Li-Cycle mark European expansion with landmark venture

Mining News Pro - Glencore and Li-Cycle Holdings group, two of the world’s leading recyclers, have partnered up to deliver a landmark European project.

How a Soviet nuclear site could be key to Europe’s EV market

Mining News Pro - On the edge of Sillamae, a town of just over 12,000 people in northeast Estonia, sits a grassy hill with a secret.

EU urges European banks to step up funding for critical minerals

Mining News Pro - European Commissioner Thierry Breton urged European financiers this week to provide more funding to suppliers of minerals needed for the energy transition, as the European Union prepares its Green Deal industrial plan.

Molybdenum price in Europe hits record high

Mining News Pro - The copper market took a breather on Wednesday after eight straight days of gains, but not before touching a fresh six month high of $4.39 a pound ($9,680 a tonne) in early trade, bringing its gains YTD to 12%.

Europe’s largest rare earths deposit found in Sweden

Mining News Pro - Swedish state-owned mining company LKAB said it had found Europe’s largest known deposit of rare earths close to Kiruna, the country’s northernmost town.

Europe needs to invest over €300 billion in the next two years to reach climate goals

Mining News Pro - Europe needs to invest €302 billion annually to build relevant infrastructure over the next two years if it wants to reach its goals of becoming climate neutral by 2050 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, a new study has shown.

Lithium explorer Wealth Minerals targets European investors

Mining News Pro - Wealth Minerals Ltd. is betting that its plan to use a more sustainable lithium mining method will lure European buyers of the mineral used in electric vehicle batteries and solar panels.

ِDecarbonization Story

Is decarbonization Europe's impossible dream?

Mining News Pro - Swedish steel is considered the world’s toughest. It may soon become its greenest. In Boden, a town near the Arctic Circle, a startup called h2 Green Steel (h2gs) is erecting a €4bn ($4bn) new mill, Europe’s first in nearly half a century.

European consortium gets €12.3m to develop mine management system

Mining News Pro - The ultimate goal behind the new system is to reduce Europe’s dependence on imported minerals and metals used to produce everything from mobile phones, to renewable energy, and modern defence equipment.

Russian aluminum dilemma for Europe’s buyers

Mining News Pro - Europe’s power crisis, production cuts, and shortages of aluminum have left consumers in a quandary about Russian supplies of the metal vital for the region’s transport, construction and packaging industries.

Metal plants feeding Europe’s factories face an existential crisis

Mining News Pro - In the aluminum industry, closing a smelter is an agonizing decision. Once power is cut and the production “pots” settle back to room temperature, it can take many months and tens of millions of dollars to bring them back online.

Europe crisis shows coal’s value, South Africa minister says

Mining News Pro - South Africa’s energy minister dismissed the notion that renewable electricity can bring an end to years of rolling blackouts, pointing to Europe’s pivot back to the use of fossil fuels as evidence of the constraints of using green energy.

Tiny pure-gold pin is ‘pulsing heart’ of European space mission

Mining News Pro - A pure-gold pin not much bigger than the tip of a pencil is the ‘pulsing heart’ of the European Space Agency’s Low Earth Orbit Facility, LEOX.

Gold price recovers as European Central Bank raises rates higher than expected

Mining News Pro - Gold prices regained ground after falling to the lowest level in 15 months as the European Central Bank took some investors by surprise and raised rates by 50 basis points on Thursday.

Europe’s power crunch cuts zinc and aluminum capacity in half

Mining News Pro - Europe has lost about half of its zinc and aluminum smelting capacity within the past year, and a further surge in power prices could knock more plants offline over winter, the region’s biggest metal producers warned.

Europe snaps up coal from abroad to fill gap left by Russia

Mining News Pro - A hunt by Europe’s coal consumers to replace Russian cargoes with shipments from across the globe has boosted imports to a key hub by more than a third, helping to fill severely depleted stockpiles.

American graphite producer wants to supply 30% of US, UK, European EVs by 2030

Mining News Pro - US-based Urbix, a company that has developed a type of natural anode-grade graphite known as coated spherical purified graphite, announced the opening of an entity in the United Kingdom whose goal will be to supply UK and European-based automakers and battery industries with its products.

Europe’s first homegrown battery plant begins shipments

Mining News Pro - Swedish battery-maker Northvolt AB became the first European firm to start commercial shipments to a carmaker last week, giving shape to the continent’s five-year push to counter Asian dominance in supplying energy cells for electric vehicles.

Europe’s aluminium deficit triggers further large LME stock draw

Mining News Pro - Aluminium inventories in London Metal Exchange (LME) warehouses, already at their lowest in nearly 17 years, are likely to fall further over coming days and weeks as more metal leaves the LME system and heads for Europe, where supplies are scarce.

Europe’s Green Deal requires massive amounts of battery metals

Mining News Pro - A recent study by KU Leuven University shows that meeting the European Union’s Green Deal goal of climate neutrality by 2050 will require 35 times more lithium and 7 to 26 times the amount of rare earth metals compared to Europe’s current use.

EV parts maker Schaeffler signs first-of-a-kind European rare earth deal

Mining News Pro - German auto parts supplier Schaeffler has signed a raw materials deal to ensure the supply of rare earth magnets from Europe for its burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) motor business, an executive said.

Don’t expect US miners to replace Russian coal in Europe

Mining News Pro - U.S. coal miners including Peabody Energy Corp. are surging as the European Union proposes banning imports of the fuel from Russia. But it will be difficult, if not impossible, for them to fill the potential supply gap.

Europe’s aluminium deficit triggers further large LME stock draw

Mining News Pro - Aluminium inventories in London Metal Exchange (LME) warehouses, already at their lowest in nearly 17 years, are likely to fall further over coming days and weeks as more metal leaves the LME system and heads for Europe, where supplies are scarce.

The price for Europe to wean off Russian gas keeps going up

Mining News Pro - Europe’s ambitious timetable for building its way out of a dependence on Russian energy faces potential delays and billions of dollars in extra costs as the war in Ukraine makes steel, copper and aluminum scarce and more expensive.

European Steel Industry After Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Mining News Pro - Russia is the world's fifth biggest steel producer, while Ukraine comes in at 14th. The two combined account for a fifth of imports to the European Union.

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