Bitcoin ETFs test investor commitment to gold-backed paper

A surge of interest in bitcoin exchange-traded funds is prompting some investors to swap out holdings in gold-backed ETFs, although analysts and fund managers said they are unlikely to challenge bullion longer term.

Oil Giant Shell Makes Move Into Bitcoin Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, was quoted as saying that an energy giant like Shell entering the mining space is “a big win for Bitcoin.”

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable in 2022

Mining News Pro - Bitcoin prices have been volatile this year. While the original crypto soared to $69,000 in November 2021, it sank to as low as $17,708 in June before rebounding to its current trading level at around $23,000.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Level is Decreasing

Mining News Pro - Antpool, which succeeded in finding 638 block rewards, and F2pool, which found 606 blocks, continued the mining process.

Bitcoin miners help US oil producers cut flaring

Mining News Pro - US oil producers are turning to an unexpected source to help solve the environmental problem of excess natural gas — cryptocurrency miners.

Russia is about to power Bitcoin mines with fossil fuel

Mining News Pro - One of the world's largest producers of carbon emissions, the Russian gas giant Gazprom aims to reduce its carbon footprint by providing its flare gas for Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin miners aim for green mining

Mining News Pro - Bitcoin (BTC) mining has always been a controversial topic. But, Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) model has reached new levels of concern as senior decision-makers and investors pay closer attention to environmental, social and governance factors.

What is Bitcoin Mining and How it Works?

Mining News Pro - The process of adding more Bitcoin to circulation and recording transactions on the blockchain is called mining.

Where are the key Bitcoin mining hotspots?

Mining News Pro - Bitcoin mining is a controversial practice given the excessive energy it uses, meaning the key locations for the activity are highly changeable.

The Matter of Energy: Mining Bitcoin or Mining Gold

Mining News Pro - In the matter of energy consumption most experts have reached at a same opinion which mining a cryptocurrency is using much more energy than even a country. This means that in the future we will be hurt by the usage of the energy by this mining farms.

Goldman Sachs says bitcoin will compete with gold as “store of value”

Mining News Pro - Bitcoin will take market share away from gold in 2022 as digital assets become more widely adopted, Goldman Sachs analyst Zach Pandl said in a research note to clients.

The possible Chinese coal link in Tesla’s Bitcoin binge

Mining News Pro - There’s a pretty good chance that any new Bitcoin generated after the cryptocurrency’s Elon Musk-aided surge toward $50,000 will be sourced using cheap coal power in China’s Xinjiang.

New Relationship Spotted Between Bitcoin And Gold

Mining News Agency -The beginning stages of a new relationship between bitcoin and gold have been discovered by RBC Capital Markets.

Gold may not be bitcoin, but miners can still make you money

Mining News Agency - Gold and silver prices haven’t had the best year when compared to industrial metals, and the outlook for next year looks muted at best.

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