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Fortescue continues sustainability push

Fortescue continues sustainability push
A dual-fuelled ammonia-powered vessel from Fortescue has won the Hydrogen Transport award at the World Hydrogen 2024 Awards.

Dubbed The Green Pioneer, Fortescue was praised for the vessel’s initiatives and achievements by the Sustainable Energy Council Hydrogen Advisory Board at a ceremony in Rotterdam.

“Fortescue is a technology group accelerating commercial decarbonisation through heavy industry, rapidly, profitably, and globally,” Fortescue Energy chief executive officer Mark Hutchinson said.

“Our commitment to delivering real solutions to eliminate emissions is unwavering and The Green Pioneer stands as a testament to our delivery capability and dedication, showcasing the future of green ammonia as a marine fuel.

“Our work doesn’t stop here though. We now call upon regulators, ports, and institutions to join us in accelerating the adoption of ammonia as a marine fuel. Together, let’s create green maritime hubs and corridors, ushering in a new era of sustainable shipping.”

The award comes as Fortescue continues its work to decarbonise its iron ore operations. In March, the major reached a new electrification milestone, with a recently deployed electric excavator moving one million tonnes since becoming operational.

“This is such an exciting milestone for Fortescue and our decarbonisation journey,” Fortescue Metals chief executive officer Dino Otranto said.

“Importantly, we’ve been able to achieve this while maintaining our high safety standards. We will have two additional electric excavators commissioned by the end of April.

“Once we decarbonise our entire fleet, around 95 million litres of diesel will be removed from our operations every year, or more than a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.”

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