HOSCO can become the best company of steel industry in Iran

Mining News Pro - Business manager of Ministry of Industry, mine and trade says that Hormozgan Steel Company is one of the major steel industry companies and has the potential to become the best.

UK university, Bolivian government join forces to boost lithium industry

Mining News Pro - The University of Warwick and the Bolivian Government have joined forces to collaborate on lithium battery research with the goal of backing the South American country’s efforts to become a world leader in renewable energies and electric vehicles.

Albemarle calls for high lithium prices to fuel EV industry growth

Mining News Pro - Albemarle Corp on Tuesday called for lithium prices to remain high indefinitely in order to help the mining industry develop new sources of the electric vehicle (EV) battery metal and fuel the green energy transition.

EU metals industry urges aid to rival US green energy package

Mining News Pro - Top metal producers called on the European Union to follow the White House’s lead in rolling out financial support to help the bloc keep control of raw materials critical to the green-energy transition.

Albemarle calls for high lithium prices to fuel EV industry growth

Mining News Pro - Albemarle Corp on Tuesday called for lithium prices to remain high indefinitely in order to help the mining industry develop new sources of the electric vehicle (EV) battery metal and fuel the green energy transition.

Lithium miner sees 25% price drop in boon for EV industry

Mining News Pro - Lithium’s going to get less expensive in 2023, according to a Chinese supplier of the battery metal, potentially offering some relief to electric-vehicle makers squeezed by soaring costs.

Sinosteel, China Baowu restructuring vital to steel industry: official

Mining News Pro -The strategic restructuring of Sinosteel Group Corporation Limited and China Baowu Steel Group Corporation is of great significance to the layout and modernization of China's iron and steel industry, an official said Friday.

Steel industry united in opposing bloc’s carbon border levy

Mining News Pro -"If the steel industry complains, it either means that it does not want to decarbonise or that it has not read the text," conservative German MEP Peter Liese told a press conference on Monday (19 December).

World Gold Council Report

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Strategies for the Gold Mining Industry

Mining News Pro -The World Gold Council’s ‘Gold and climate change: Adaptation and resilience’ report identifies the key physical climate-related vulnerabilities of the gold mining industry and outlines a range of adaptation strategies to support the industry in managing the associated risks

Economic and social impact of the steel industry

Mining News Pro - Steel plays a vital role in the modern world. In addition to being one of the most important materials for building and infrastructure, steel is the enabler of a wide range of manufacturing activities. It also creates opportunities for innovative solutions in other sectors and is indispensable in research and development projects around the world.

Raw Materials Of Steel Industry

Mining News Pro - Today, it is estimated that the global steel industry used about 2 billion tonnes of iron ore, 1 billion tonnes of metallurgical coal and 575 million tonnes of steel scrap to produce about 1.7 billion tonnes of crude steel.

The CEO of Hormozgan Steel was honored as a renowned figure of the industry

Mining News Pro - At the 4th national meeting of famous figures of the country's industry, mining and economy, Attaullah Marufkhani, CEO of Hormozgan Steel Company, was honored.

Steel industry facts

Material and energy flows of the iron and steel industry

Mining News Pro - Integrated analysis and optimization of material and energy flows in the iron and steel industry have drawn considerable interest from steelmakers, energy engineers, policymakers, financial firms, and academic researchers.

Incorrect pricing method in the chain, the basic problem of the country's steel industry

Mining News Pro - Salehi considered the incorrect pricing method in the steel chain as a major problem in the country's steel industry and said: practically, one side of the steel chain is under pressure and the other side is left alone, for this reason, for example, the price of iron ore and the ingots do not have the correct ratio.

Mining News Falling head grades put pressure on gold mining industry

Mining News Pro - The consultancy explained that typically, low-grade materials require a greater amount of rock to be extracted and processed, longer processing times and higher reagents usage, which translates to higher costs per unit of gold produced.

The mining industry can’t ignore a startup’s solution

Mining News Pro - The warnings keep getting louder: the world is hurtling toward a desperate shortage of copper. Humans are more dependent than ever on a metal we’ve used for 10,000 years; new deposits are drying up, and the type of breakthrough technologies that transformed other commodities have failed to materialize for copper.

Top five most searched jobs in the mining industry

Here are five of the most searched jobs in the mining industry. We will explore what these roles consist of, what qualifications and skills you need, and what potential career paths are available.

Reimagining the mining industry with Industrial Internet

How the Huawei Cloud Stack is helping Hongliulin embrace intelligent digital transformation

Bolivian activists push back against mining industry

Indigenous communities in several national parks say their way of life is threatened by the encroachment of gold mining.

Oil Giant Shell Makes Move Into Bitcoin Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, was quoted as saying that an energy giant like Shell entering the mining space is “a big win for Bitcoin.”

Global steel industry body expects 2.3% contraction in demand this year

Mining News Pro - Global industry organisation the World Steel Association (worldsteel) forecasts that steel demand will contract by 2.3% this year to reach 1.80-billion tonnes.

How sustainable is the mining industry?

Mining News Pro - There are efforts by top companies towards their ESG agenda, but more on pollution ad deforestation should be done to advance their plans.

How to Cut Steel Industry’s CO2 Emissions

Mining News Pro - RMI reveals product-level carbon accounting guidance, giving corporations and steel companies the power to accelerate decarbonization of a sector contributing ~7 percent of global greenhouse gases.

Mining industry on track to meet decarbonization targets, say analysts

Mining News Pro - The availability of risk capital for miners is biased towards those with concrete plans for achieving net-zero emissions targets by 2030, says Keith Russell, global director for energy transition, purpose and performance with Partners in Performance.

China’s Sichuan, Chongqing resume power supply to industry

Mining News Pro - China’s Sichuan province and Chongqing city have resumed normal power supply for industrial and commercial usage, reported state broadcaster CCTV on Tuesday, reducing concerns over tight supplies of the battery metal lithium.

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