Albemarle calls for high lithium prices to fuel EV industry growth

Mining News Pro - Albemarle Corp on Tuesday called for lithium prices to remain high indefinitely in order to help the mining industry develop new sources of the electric vehicle (EV) battery metal and fuel the green energy transition.

Albemarle calls for high lithium prices to fuel EV industry growth

Mining News Pro - Albemarle Corp on Tuesday called for lithium prices to remain high indefinitely in order to help the mining industry develop new sources of the electric vehicle (EV) battery metal and fuel the green energy transition.

Canadian watchdog renews Cameco’s licence for nuclear fuel facility in Port Hope

Mining News Pro - Canada’s nuclear regulator said on Wednesday it has decided to renew Cameco Fuel Manufacturing’s licence for a nuclear fuel facility in Port Hope, Ontario for a 20-year period.

Precious metals no longer needed in reactions to produce hydrogen fuel

Mining News Pro - In a paper published in the journal Science, the scientists explain that using only inexpensive raw materials they were able to create a scalable catalyst that needs only the power of light to convert ammonia into clean-burning hydrogen fuel.

Asia coal price hits record as global hunt for fuel escalates

Mining News Pro - Thermal coal in Asia advanced to a record as a threat of supply disruptions adds new risks to a global energy sector already engulfed in crisis.

Crypto mining can retire fossil fuels for good

Mining News Pro - Cryptocurrency mining using proof of work calculations is very energy-intensive, but it isn't the only option.

EU’s Green Deal demands switch from fossil fuels to domestic metal production

Mining News Pro - In a recently published whitepaper, researchers from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities analyze the geopolitical context within which the European Union’s Green Deal is being advanced and conclude that the focus of the block’s energy transition should be on a switch from fossil fuels to metals.

UN experts want better gold data as trade fuels Congo violence

Mining News Pro - Governments need to improve and make public their gold trade data to help stem smuggling and violence around mines in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations independent group of experts on Congo said in their annual report Friday.

Russia is about to power Bitcoin mines with fossil fuel

Mining News Pro - One of the world's largest producers of carbon emissions, the Russian gas giant Gazprom aims to reduce its carbon footprint by providing its flare gas for Bitcoin mining.

Iron ore price tumbles as covid curbs in China fuel demand concerns

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price plunged on Monday as stringent covid-19 restrictions prompted traders to be cautious and fuelled concerns over global demand.

Musk’s tweets fuel mining industry’s hopes of a buyout by Tesla

Mining News Pro - Elon Musk’s recent musings that high lithium prices may force Tesla to make its own supply of the electric vehicle battery metal have fueled hopes by some that the billionaire entrepreneur will instead opt for a buyout of an established mining company.

Gulf widens between fossil fuels, transition to renewable energy

Mining News Pro - Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, shocking oil and natural gas markets, an energy crisis had already been brewing in Europe – a crisis that was somewhat self-induced.

Tycoon behind nickel’s big short has power to fuel more drama

Mining News Pro - Xiang Guangda’s wrong-way bet on nickel futures helped trigger one of the wildest commodity price spikes in history.

Russia’s Ukraine invasion to fuel reorientation of commodity markets

Mining News Pro - Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, already pushing up prices for an array of commodities rapidly higher since it began on Feb. 24 – including adding a record 250% to the price of nickel over the past two days – will have longer-lasting structural effects on metals and mining markets and supply, said BMO Metals and Mining in a report released on Monday.

Russian fuel supply latest headache for Rio Tinto’s giant Mongolia copper expansion

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto is working to avoid a fresh challenge at its giant Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia by keeping relationships with Russia steady, as the company seeks to ensure supplies of fuel and other goods to the site.

Nickel price hits decade high as Ukraine tensions fuel supply concerns

Mining News Pro - Nickel rose to $25,000 a ton for the first time since 2011, extending a rally driven by dwindling global inventories and concerns that Ukraine tensions could disrupt supplies from key producer Russia.


Mining News Pro - Workers at a Tesla supplier say they can’t get enough food or water on the job

How light can improve li-ion battery, fuel cell performance

Mining News Pro - Light can be used to significantly improve the performance of fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, and other devices that are based on the movement of charged atoms, or ions, new research has found.

How a less-than six-month-old fund shook the nuclear fuel market

Mining News Pro - Six months ago, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust didn’t exist. Now it holds almost a third of the world’s annual supply — and it’s getting bigger.

Tungsten suppliers haven’t been able to profit from meme-fueled cube craze

Mining News Pro - Tungsten cubes may have reached meme status as sales soar, yet that isn’t helping suppliers of the hefty metal cash in on the craze.

New contactless mechanism to monitor phosphates, pH enhances safety of nuclear fuel recycling

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a contactless technique to better measure, in real-time, the acidity of highly radioactive solutions, as well as the concentration of specific chemicals in those solutions.

Market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles to grow to $160bn by 2042

Mining News Pro - The market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles will grow to $160 billion by 2042 at a compound annual growth rate of 23.9% over a 20-year forecast period.

Silver-infused bacteria make fuel cells more efficient

Mining News Pro - A new study published in the journal Science describes the development of microbial fuel cells — a technology that utilizes natural bacteria to extract electrons from organic matter in wastewater to generate electrical currents.

Cameco inks deals to supply fuel for small modular reactors

Mining News Pro - Cameco signed a memorandum of understanding with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH), GEH SMR Technologies Canada, and Synthos Green Energy to evaluate the potential establishment of a uranium supply chain in Canada capable of service a potential fleet of GWRX-300 small modular reactors (SMR) in Poland.

Sewer gas could be used to produce clean hydrogen fuel

Mining News Pro - A recent study published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering makes the case for producing hydrogen fuel from hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic, corrosive and stinky substance commonly called sewer gas.

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