Africa needs $700 billion of finance for green energy and metals

Mining News Pro - Africa will need more than $700 billion in finance over the next decade to develop renewable power and mines to extract the metals required for the green energy transition, according to Standard Bank Group Ltd.

Water-based batteries store more energy than previously thought

Mining News Pro - Researchers at Texas A&M University discovered that water-based battery electrodes store more energy than previously thought.

Biden offers $450m for clean energy projects at coal mines

Mining News Pro - The United States announced on Tuesday it had set aside $450 million to advance clean energy projects on current and former mine sites, given special attention to those that can provide new economic opportunities for coal communities.

HOSCO: our only concern is energy shortage

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of Hormozgan Steel Company told the parliament members and officials of the province that the company has some huge ongoing projects.

Chadormalu is one of the top energy-saving mining companies in Iran

Mining News Pro - Due to decent responsibility in electricity management, the governor of Yazd province in Iran honored Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company.

New device converts wave energy into electricity to power tsunami

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the US’ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are working on the development of a new cylindrical triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG)—a small powerhouse that converts wave energy into electricity to power devices at sea.

EU metals industry urges aid to rival US green energy package

Mining News Pro - Top metal producers called on the European Union to follow the White House’s lead in rolling out financial support to help the bloc keep control of raw materials critical to the green-energy transition.

How abandoned mines can become clean energy storage systems

Mining News Pro - An international team of researchers has developed a novel way to store energy by transporting sand into abandoned underground mines. The new technique, called Underground Gravity Energy Storage (UGES), proposes an effective long-term energy storage solution while also making use of now-defunct mining sites.

Challenges and Opportunities in Mining Materials for Energy Storage

Mining News Pro - A circular battery life cycle is possible. More batteries are being recycled through good policy, innovation, and corporate commitment. Public action and awareness-raising is bringing increased attention to the urgency of responsible sourcing.

Destroyed Ukrainian Energy Grids Impact Steel Production

Mining News Pro - Many Russian offensive measures have targeted the Ukrainian energy network.

Steel industry facts

Material and energy flows of the iron and steel industry

Mining News Pro - Integrated analysis and optimization of material and energy flows in the iron and steel industry have drawn considerable interest from steelmakers, energy engineers, policymakers, financial firms, and academic researchers.

Energy crisis revives coal demand and production

Mining News Pro -High natural gas prices and global competition for the fuel have driven more demand for thermal coal for power generation this year as countries try to wean themselves off Russian energy supplies and seek relatively cheaper alternatives.

US-based company plans to use microwaves to tap into deep thermal energy sources

Mining News Pro - According to Matt Houde, co-founder and project manager at Quaise Energy, the heat miles beneath our feet could provide more than enough clean, renewable energy to meet the global demand as the world transition away from fossil fuels.

Africa moving very slowly toward clean energy transition

Mining News Pro - Looking specifically at solar energy, Africa is now home to just 1.3% of global solar capacity. The existing capacity is 13GW or 5.5% of Africa’s total. South Africa, Egypt and Morocco account for two-thirds of the solar capacity.

US coal prices climb past $200 as global energy crunch boosts demand

Mining News Pro - US coal prices surged past $200 for the first time as a global energy crunch drives up demand for the dirtiest fossil fuel.

China rust belt province plans $87 billion clean energy overhaul

Mining News Pro - A northeastern province that was once one of China’s major coal and industrial hubs has launched a 600 billion yuan ($87 billion) plan to expand clean energy production.

Swiss steel mill readies for shorter hours as energy bills soar

Mining News Pro - Swiss steel mill Stahl Gerlafingen has gained regulatory approval to put staff on shorter working hours to contend with soaring energy bills that will cost in a month what they normally cost in a year, the NZZ am Sonntag paper reported.

New aluminum-sulphur battery developed to lower cost of energy storage

Mining News Pro - An international team of researchers led by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new kind of battery, made entirely from abundant and inexpensive materials.

UK coal mine dilemma pits energy crisis against green goals

Mining News Pro - In the far northwest corner of England, coal mining was so finished that the local museum paying tribute to the industry shut a few years ago after running into financial trouble.

Australia’s renewable energy ambitions dwarfed by coal

Mining News Pro - One of the refrains of the environmental lobby is that Australia is extremely well-placed to become a renewable energy superpower, and that this will replace the loss of revenue from coal and natural gas exports.

Uranium Energy wins race for UEX after sweetening bid

Mining News Pro - Uranium Energy Corporation has trumped Denison Mines’ competing bid for Canada’s UEX Corporation after sweetening its original bid.

Zinc price highest since March as energy crunch threatens smelters

Mining News Pro - The zinc price rose the most in almost five months on Thursday after Glencore warned that Europe’s energy crisis poses a substantial threat to supply.

Evidence Shows; No Energy Transition is Underway

Mining News Pro - Renewables only account for 30% of incremental primary energy demand meaning global economic growth has not decoupled from growth in emissions.

What is Mining Role in Energy Crisis ?

Mining News Pro - We consider the inconsistent nature of renewable power and what this could mean for coal.

Eskom seeks partners for $71 billion energy transition plan

Mining News Pro - South Africa’s Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. said its energy-transition plan may require as much as 1.2 trillion rand ($71 billion) of investment, with the bulk of the money expected to come from private investors.

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