Search team finds Rio Tinto’s radioactive capsule lost in Australia

Mining News Pro - The capsule was recovered after a nearly week-long search involving around 100 people along a 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) stretch of highway, officials said.

Chile mine delays to slow copper growth

Mining News Pro - Copper production in Chile, the world’s largest producer of the red metal, will grow at a slower rate this decade than previously hoped, a government report seen by Reuters showed, with peak output later and lower than estimated a year ago.

Fortescue’s Iron Bridge to begin production this quarter

Mining News Pro - Australia’s Fortescue Metals Group on Friday confirmed its Iron Bridge project was on track to begin production at the end of the March quarter, realizing a key strategy to secure better prices for its ore.

Iron ore price rises while China warns against speculation

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price rose on Wednesday as investors bet on surging demand for the steel ingredient as China’s economy reopens.

Chile rejects Andes Iron’s $2.5bn Dominga mining project

Mining News Pro - Chile’s committee of ministers denied permits for Andes Iron’s $2.5 billion Dominga copper and iron mining project, Environment Minister Maisa Rojas announced on Wednesday.

How abandoned mines can become clean energy storage systems

Mining News Pro - An international team of researchers has developed a novel way to store energy by transporting sand into abandoned underground mines. The new technique, called Underground Gravity Energy Storage (UGES), proposes an effective long-term energy storage solution while also making use of now-defunct mining sites.

Iron ore’s sharp gains catch Beijing’s eye as traders summoned

Mining News Pro - China’s top economic planning body has summoned a group of iron ore traders and asked them to provide details of recent business, a sign that authorities want to head off fresh commodity inflation as the economy rebounds.

China didn’t drive commodity markets in 2022

Mining News Pro - China’s commodity trade data for 2022 shows that prices and volumes weren’t driven by the world’s biggest buyer of natural resources. The question now is whether 2023 will see China reassert its dominance as the main driver of commodity markets.

Carbon-capture plants also have harmful emissions — but there is a solution

Mining News Pro - In a paper published in the journal Science Advances, the researchers explain that amines are compounds used in the chemical processes of carbon-capture plants and natural gas processing and refining plants. Amines are also used in certain pharmaceuticals, epoxy resins, and dyes. SIGN UP FOR THE ENERGY DIGEST The problem is that amines could also be potentially harmful to the environment as well as a health hazard, making it essential to mitigate their impact. This requires accurate monitoring and predicting of a plant’s amine emissions, which has proven to be no easy feat since carbon-capture plants are complex and differ from one another. This is where the new development comes in. Tested in Niederhauẞen, on one of the largest coal-fired power plants in Germany, the solution was used for a full year to monitor a slipstream that is sent from the power station into a carbon capture pilot plant. Stress test The scientists created a stress test to study amine emissions under different process conditions. “We developed an experimental campaign to understand how and when amine emissions would be generated. But some of our experiments also caused interventions of the plant’s operators to ensure the plant was operating safely,” Susana Garcia, co-author of the study, said in a media statement. These interventions led to the question of how to interpret the data. Are the amine emissions the result of the stress test itself, or have the interventions of the operators indirectly affected the emissions? This was further complicated by a general lack of understanding of the mechanisms behind amine emissions. “In short, we had an expensive and successful campaign that showed that amine emissions can be a problem, but no tools to further analyze the data,” study co-author Berend Smit said. “When Susana Garcia mentioned this to me, it sounded indeed like an impossible problem to solve. But she also mentioned that they measured everything every five minutes, collecting many data.” Looking for patterns With the help of PhD student Kevin Maik Jablonka, the group developed a machine-learning approach that turned the amine emissions puzzle into a pattern-recognition problem. “We wanted to know what the emissions would be if we did not have the stress test but only the operators’ interventions,” Smit explained. “This is a similar issue as we can have in finance; for example, if you want to evaluate the effect of changes in the tax code, you would like to disentangle the effect of the tax code from, say, interventions caused by the crisis in Ukraine.” In the next step, Jablonka used powerful machine learning to predict future amine emissions from the plant’s data. With this model, the team was able to predict the emissions caused by the interventions of the operators and then disentangle them from those induced by the stress test. They were also able to use the model to run all kinds of scenarios for reducing these emissions. The conclusion of this work was described as “surprising”. As it turned out, the pilot plant had been designed for pure amine, but the measuring experiments were carried out on a mixture of two amines: 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and piperazine. The scientists found out that those two amines respond in opposite ways: reducing the emission of one increases the emissions of the other. “I am very enthusiastic about the potential impact of this work; it is a completely new way of looking at a complex chemical process,” Smit said. “This type of forecasting is not something one can do with any of the conventional approaches, so it may change the way we operate chemical plants.”

LME chair to step down, exchange declines comment on reason

Mining News Pro - Glencore (LON: GLEN) is facing fresh pressure from investors with $2.2 trillion in assets to disclose how the company’s projected thermal coal production aligns with the Paris Agreement’s objective to pursue efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

Colombian municipalities affected by exit of Glencore’s subsidiary demand smooth transition into non-mining activities

Mining News Pro - The mayors of five municipalities that fall within the Cesar mining corridor, in northern Colombia, have asked the Gustavo Petro government to gradually phase out mining operations and promote a smooth transition into another type of industry. This, instead of ordering an abrupt closure of all of the mines in the region.

China churns out higher coal output to fulfil winter demand

Mining News Pro -

World’s coal consumption set to breach new record this year

Mining News Pro - World coal consumption is set to rise to the highest level ever this year despite ambitious global goals aimed at weaning nations off burning the dirty fossil fuel.

Iron Ore Arrivals at Chinese Ports Increased Slightly

Mining News Pro - SMM data showed that a total of 76 ships arrived at major ports in China from May 2 to May 8, carrying 11.81 million mt of iron ore, up 580,000 mt on a weekly basis and 60,000 mt from a year ago.

Setting the second record of Hormozgan steel in December

Mining News Pro -Hormozgan Steel Company, continuing its brilliant trend in April, September, October and November, which was accompanied by breaking records in monthly production, recorded its second daily record in December.

Khuzestan Steel has been a leader in localization of parts and equipment

Mining News Pro - The director of the production technology office of the revitalization department of Khuzestan Steel Company said: "With the support of knowledge-based companies, Khuzestan Steel Co. has always been a leader in the localization of equipment, parts and production of reformer catalysts required by the country's steel industry."

How much will coal’s transition cost?

Mining News Pro - The amount is around 20% of all clean energy spending in the IEA Announced Pledges Scenario (APS), which assumes that all climate commitments made by governments around the world will be met in full and on time.

Minister denies Baffinland Iron Mines expansion in Nunavut

Mining News Pro - After four years of consultations and deliberations, the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) rejected the miner’s request to more than double output to 12 million tonnes a year, to eventually reach 30 million tonnes annually.

Wealthiest nations offer Indonesia $20 billion to wean off coal

Mining News Pro - The deal put forward by the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), which includes the US, Japan, Canada, the UK, and several European countries in the EU and Norway, has been more than a year in the making.

Chinese Steel Manufacturers On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

Mining News Pro - Is it all doom and gloom for Chinese steel manufacturing? It’s hard to tell at the moment. Indeed, China finds itself in a precarious place financially. What’s more, a sizable section of global financial and stock analysts have predicted the crises will only get worse as the country prepares to face its toughest winter yet.

Iron ore price outlook clouded by global demand woes, supply risks

Mining News Pro - Iron ore prices are on track to end 2022 at their lowest in the last three or four years and will probably languish next year as well, with China and Europe cutting steel output, while pressure mounts from additional supply.

BHP lifts steel consumption forecast on surging demand from renewable power farms

Mining News Pro - BHP Group Ltd lifted its long-term demand forecast for steel as a global shift towards the decarbonization of power generation will boost requirement of the commodity, the world’s largest listed miner said on Monday.

Iron ore price marks quarterly losses on China covid

Mining News Pro - Dalian and Singapore iron ore marked their second quarterly losses, despite some gains on Friday, as worries over a stringent zero-covid policy and property sector jitters in top steel producer China continued to dominate markets.

Anglo coal spinoff looks cheap against peers after 1,300% surge

Mining News Pro - Thungela Resources Ltd. has soared more than 1,300% since the South African coal miner was carved out of Anglo American Plc last year. But despite this scorching rally, investors value the stock at a discount to worldwide peers, whose reserves of the fuel may last longer.

Baffinland gets nod from Nunavut board to extend Mary River operation until year-end

Mining News Pro - Baffinland Iron Mines has received a positive recommendation from the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) to temporarily increase production at its Mary River iron ore mine in Canada’s Nunavut territory to 6 million tonnes through to the end of the year.

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