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Foulad Mobarake's Leadership in Knowledge-based Activities

Foulad Mobarake's Leadership in Knowledge-based Activities
Mining News Pro - The 19th International Metallurgy Exhibition (IranMetafo) was held at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions from December 9 to 12 with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Somat, the CEO of Iran International Exhibitions Company and the effective presence of Foulad Mobarakeh Group.

According to Mining News Pro -During this exhibition, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and Chairman of the Executive Board of IMIDRO, while visiting the Foulad Mobarake booth in the presence of reporters, referring to the problems of energy supply in the country's industrial cycle and the measures taken in this regard, said: This problem is caused by two methods of energy production by industrialists and Energy optimization is possible as initial agreements have been made with some industrialists.

Fortunately, Foulad Mobarake Company has also been a pioneer in the field of optimization and supply of energy and water needed by the industry and has achieved good achievements that we will soon see the results.

“Using the knowledge and expertise of the country's elites will lead to the localization and benefit of new technologies and will help to advance the goals of resistance economy in the country's industry. In this regard, in the last three years in the Imidro Group, by setting up the "IMNO" center, we have provided conditions for small and large companies under the Imidro group that have been active in the fields of localization and the use of knowledge-based and innovative capacities, to be able to share their experiences and achievements. Undoubtedly, with this measure, both knowledge-based companies are supported and strengthened, and the equipment and raw materials needed by industries are localized.” He said. 

Foulad Mobarake will share its experiences in the field of localization and knowledge-based
“Foulad Mobarake has taken valuable measures and achievements in the areas of localization, efficiency of new technologies, attention to the environment and use of production waste, which can transfer these experiences to other organizations. According to the infrastructure that has been created in this company, it can develop its knowledge-based activities more than in the past and continue to be the leader.” He continued. 

Foulad Mubarakeh's actions in the field of localization have been very good

Amir Hossein Naderi, the CEO of Sadr Tamin Investment Company, during a visit to the Foulad Mobarake booth, said: the performance of the Foulad Mobarake complex in the field of localization has been favorable and in the direction of no foreign currency outflow, and when the steel chain moves in the right direction, it forces all industries to move, and this Increase the depth of localization.
“Foulad Mobarake Group is based on knowledge and has always been a good example for other industries in this field, and the public relations of this company have performed well in informing the achievements and sharing the findings of the company.” He added. 

“In the situation where the country's steel industries are facing challenges in providing energy and raw materials, using the capacities of elite youth and knowledge-based companies can be effective to a large extent in solving this problem, fortunately, Foulad Mobarake Company is also in this field by investing and supporting Knowledge-based companies have performed well. With the good organization that has taken place in the Sadr Supply Company, we will soon see good events in this field.” Naderi mentioned. 

Foulad Mobarake Company's effective relationship with many knowledge-based companies is commendable

The empowerment manager of the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund said: Venture capital is one of the important tasks that Mobarake Steel has seriously put on its agenda this year, and it is also a pioneer in this field.

“The development of cooperation between large, medium and small companies with knowledge-based companies, on the one hand, has led to the development of the infrastructure of these knowledge-based companies, and on the other hand, the introduction of advanced technologies into the production cycle of large companies such as Foulad Mobarakeh, which, as a result of these efforts, increases the productivity of large companies.” Marziye Shaverdi told reporters. 

“In addition to the support of large companies, knowledge-based companies can develop their product line and complete their marketing infrastructure with the support of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund. The Innovation and Prosperity Fund has organized events for technology exchange so that knowledge-based companies can develop their relationship with large companies such as Foulad Mobarakeh and provide their products and services to these companies by increasing the level of cooperation in order to help increase quality and productivity in industries.” She added. 

“For about 10 years, knowledge-based companies have started their activities in a serious and extensive manner in the country, and by receiving government support, many of them have reached a level where they can meet the needs of the country in the field of technology. In addition, Foulad Mobarakeh Company is one of the companies that cooperates with innovative and knowledge-based companies and supports them. Also, in the past years, this company has had an active presence in many events organized by the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund, and its effective connection with many knowledge-based companies is commendable.” She continued. 
“As a result of these collaborations, in addition to the development and growth of knowledge-based companies, Foulad Mobarakeh has been able to use the technologies created by these companies in its production lines and finally produce more advanced products. In the year "Production; "Knowledge-based, job-creating" programs of this company have also expanded, and as a result of the cooperation of the parties, the knowledge-based companies have also become stronger in their fields of work.” She added. 

She emphasized: Venture investment is one of the important tasks that Foulad Mobarakeh has seriously put on its agenda this year, and it is also a pioneer in this field, that following these investments, knowledge-based companies can develop advanced technologies. Of course, the field of venture capital investment is a nascent field in the country, and the culture of participation and attraction of capital investment by both investors and investors has become common to a great extent, but it still has a lot of potential to expand; However, good companies have attracted capital from both research and technology funds and large companies such as Foulad Mobarakeh, and Foulad Mobarakeh has supported them.

“According to the interactions we have with Mobarakeh Fouldah technology and innovation development and support company, after identifying and introducing the companies that can provide the technological needs of the steel industry, especially Mobarakeh Fouldah, the necessary support will be provided so that the country's steel industry can use this opportunity and potential more than before and it is important to use in the country.” She finally said. 

The support of Foulad Mobarakeh has caused the transformation of knowledge-based companies in the country

Imidro's public relations manager said: Foulad Mobarakeh Company's actions to reduce the risk of knowledge-based companies, especially last year, have caused a significant change in these companies.

“For many years, the supreme leader of the revolution has made demands from the country's industrial complexes in the field of industry localization, strengthening of knowledge bases and resistance economy. But what should happen has not been sufficiently realized, and besides, people also have expectations beyond the status quo.” Hamid Aliabadian told reporters. 

“We are all aware of the significant effects of Foulad Mobarakeh on the country's industry, economy and other areas, and we know that this company is one of the pioneers of the industry and is a source of pride for all of us. We hope that the current managers of this company can be more effective than in the past in fields such as localization and knowledge-based fields, because people's eyes are focused on the achievements of such groups and their managers.” He said. 

“I am sure that the days ahead for Foulad Mobarakeh will be brighter days and other industries will also grow significantly.” He continued.

Aliabadian stated about Foulad Mobarakeh's risky investment in knowledge-based companies: reducing the risk will allow many companies to find opportunities to operate. While many of these companies have good ideas; But these risks have prevented the implementation of their ideas. For this reason, the measures taken by Foulad Mobarakeh to reduce the risk of these companies have caused a significant change in these companies. With the provision of a venture investment platform, an opportunity has been provided for these companies to present themselves in the country's industry and technology space, which is a very auspicious event.

Imidro's public relations manager expressed his hope that with the efforts and current investments of Foulad Mobarakeh and other industrial companies, significant successes will be achieved for the country's steel industry.

Foulad Mobarakeh is the biggest supporter of knowledge-based companies in the country

“In the 19th metallurgical exhibition or IranMetafo, the main focus of Foulad Mobarakeh booth is to introduce the latest achievements of this company and the companies of Foulad Mobarakeh group in enhancing the technology and innovation ecosystem of the country.” Mohammad Javad Barati, Director of Public Relations of Foulad Mobarakeh Company said. 

“Foulad Mobarakeh is the biggest facilitator of this company's activity in difficult and impossible fields with risky investment in knowledge-based companies.” He said.

Emphasizing that the Metafo exhibition is one of the largest steel industry events in the country and is held with the maximum number of activists in this field, he stated: This year, Foulad Mobarakeh Company, together with 15 of its subsidiaries, will inform the authorities of its latest achievements in the field of knowledge and production.

Barati pointed out: Considering the emphasis of the country's industry trustees on the entry of large industries in knowledge-based production, which is a rational and logical requirement for more organizations to become more competitive, and considering the slogan of the year, which is based on knowledge-based production and employment creation. Foulad Mubarakeh and of course other subsidiary companies also focus on introducing innovation and technology ecosystem.

Referring to the actions of Foulad Mobarakeh in this field, he mentioned this company as the biggest supporter of knowledge-based companies in the country and stated: Foulad Mobarakeh, by accurately identifying the needs of its own and other steel industries in the country, has focused and planned in this field in such a way that in the shortest possible time It is possible to meet all these needs by supporting and using the knowledge-based capacities of the country, and at the same time, to promote the knowledge-based companies that are less risk-taking to a high level of capability and risk-taking.

In the final part of his speech, he stated: If we want to become knowledge-based, these are the big industries that must be taken seriously, and fortunately Foulad Mobarakeh has taken this step firmly and consciously.
It should be noted that the 19th Iran Metallurgical International Exhibition titled Iranmetafo was held with the presence of Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Vice President of Machinery and Equipment Industries of the Ministry of Security, Homan Razdar, CEO of Iran International Exhibitions Company, with the participation of more than 400 domestic companies and 50 foreign companies and brands from December 9 to 12. It was established in the permanent place of international exhibitions in Tehran, and Foulad Mobarakeh Group is the largest steel manufacturer in the country, consisting of Hormozgan Steel, Irisa, Foulad Mobarakeh's technology and innovation support and development, Foulad Mobarakeh's technical engineering, Sangan Steel, Methyl Steel, Varag Khodro, Bahonar Brokerage. , Taraz Steel and Amirkabir Kashan Steel displayed their latest achievements in the field of technology and innovation and their latest products to the visitors.

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